Bushbaby Braked Fitted With All Optional Equipment

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Bushbaby Braked Fitted With All Optional Equipment

Bushbaby Braked Fitted With All Optional Equipment - Trailers - Offroad 4x4

Bushbaby Braked Fitted With All Optional Equipment

Left back view closed

Front right view

Back right view closed

Back left view with tent

Trailer with fitted tent open

Back view open

Gas stove dimensions

Two lid net zip bags

Fridge on side rack

Max fridge size for type on rack

Max fridge size for type on rack

New clad nose cone for braked version only

Washing table stainless steel mounting brackets

Washing table with basin

Washing table and basin

Pad-lockable 5kg Gas bottle holder only

Lockable water filler cap

Washing table nylon storage rollers

Washing table being inserted

Washing table packed away

Stainless steel 304 80l water tank

Padlockable water outlet with mudflap

Side drawout rack with ammo boxes

Wider drawout rack for ammo boxes

Washing table rollers for wider rack

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The Bushbaby trailer has had steady improvements added over the years, making this well-suited to harsh outdoor conditions. With addition of the extra features this trailer really shines. It comes in an unbraked and braked version.

Bushbaby Braked Fitted With All Optional Equipment

• Rear drawout rack for ammo boxes 900mm x 1130mm
• Side drawout rack for ammo boxes 455mm x 1075mm
• Washing table nylon storage rollers
• Lockable water tank filler cap
• Stainless steel washing table mounting brackets
• Two pad-lockable jerry can holders
• One heavy duty steel roof rack with table compartment able to carry a large tent
• Kitchenette with twin hob gas stove and spice storage rack
• Two extending supporting back stays and one jockey wheel to provide levelling
• 15 inch 6 stud rims with 215 Trakgrip tyres for rough terrain
• One spare wheel
• Epoxy coated in white, beige or green, manufactured from quality zinc galvanised sheet steel.
• 6 ring holders with securing straps
• Axle capacity 1800kg
• 2 Gabriel shock absorbers
• 12 blade 36 inch leaf springs
• Pad-lockable tailgate that serves as a table top
• Alko-Trailco coupler
• 2 x lid net zip bags
• 1 x pad-lockable 5kg gas cylinder holder
• Multi-function LED lights
• Swing-out spare wheel attachment with maintenance-free vesconite bushes
• Accidental spare wheel bracket stop with reinforced quarter panels
• Large new nosecone with 4 tie-down rings able to house an 80 litre fridge, accessible from the front, with spring assisted access flap
• 1 x Senior tent 2-4 man
• 1 x Washing table stainless steel
• 1 x 304 S/S 80l water tank complete with lockable filler cap
• Water

AHeight (over all)1570 mm
BHeight (side)800 mm
CLength (body)1860 mm
DLength (over all)3560 mm
EWidth (inside)1100 mm
FWidth (over all)1760 mm
GGround Clearance330 mm
ILength (nose-cone)670 mm

Technical Info
Tare Mass440 kg
GVM1470 kg
Pay Load1030 kg
Axle Length1530 mm
Axle Capacity1800 kg
Leaf Springs12 Blade 36 inch
Wheels215 x 15 inch

Door (rear - height)560 mm
Door (rear - width)1020 mm
Door (side - height)540 mm
Door (side - width)510 mm
Subject to our general terms and conditions of supply and delivery. Technical data, pricing, dimensions, and weights are subject to change, due to a policy of continual product development. The illustrations are for reference only. Dimensions are in millimetres. Venter Trailers reserves the right to alter design and specifications without prior notice.