Mini Furniture Trailer

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Mini Furniture Trailer

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Mini Furniture Trailer

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1. Designed for transportation of bulky, heavy weight items.
2. Light weight and durable, this well balanced, multi-purpose trailer is sturdily made.
3. Both body and floor are constructed from 1.6mm corrosion resistant electro-galvanised sheet steel.
4. The floor is designed in a U-shape, for rigidity and strength.
5. Lugs on body sides for securing items.
6. Front rail.
7. Including spare wheel 165x13 inch

AHeight (over all)740 mm
BHeight (side)240 mm
CLength (body)2300 mm
DLength (over all)3412 mm
EWidth (inside)1500 mm
FWidth (over all)1980 mm
GGround Clearance220 mm

Technical Info
Tare Mass240 kg
GVM750 kg
Pay Load510 kg
Axle Length1830 mm
Axle Capacity900 kg
Leaf Springs7 Blade
Wheels165 x 13 inch

Subject to our general terms and conditions of supply and delivery. Technical data, pricing, dimensions, and weights are subject to change, due to a policy of continual product development. The illustrations are for reference only. Dimensions are in millimetres. Venter Trailers reserves the right to alter design and specifications without prior notice.