Super 6 grey body

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Super 6 grey body

Super 6 grey body - Trailers - New-look Luggage

Super 6 grey body

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New-look Luggage

The popular luggage range has been released in a grey and white version. The trailers sport new graphic stripes and the legendary 'V-dip', in a new minamalist style.

The grey and white versions offer another more subtle aesthetic look for customers who want something different, but still identified as a 'Venter'

Super 6 grey body


• Grey body with white stripes
• One spare wheel 155 x 13”
• Nosecone with new toggle catch
• 6 tie-down ring holders to tighten luggage
• Number plate twin light fitting
• Alko coupler with plug holder
• Long life special axle with larger bearings
• 6 blade leaf spring (Super 6)
• Two gas lifts on trailer lid
• New toggle catch on lid
• Aluminium handle on lid
• Bumpstops on axle

Subject to our general terms and conditions of supply and delivery. Technical data, pricing, dimensions, and weights are subject to change, due to a policy of continual product development. The illustrations are for reference only. Dimensions are in millimetres. Venter Trailers reserves the right to alter design and specifications without prior notice.